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Our Story

We started in 2010 as a Human Resource outsourcing company - DANI & BROS LTD and with time grew to various verticals and regions. As of now, with years of experience in many verticals we are spread in Business consulting, Training, Software development, Digital solutions, Investment consulting for EU, Asia and North American regions

At CreADDive ADDiction we specialize in marketing and advertising. We have an excellent record of finding effective solutions in every sector. Our mission is to connect our clients with their audiences in the most direct and engaging way possible: through the devices that people keep with them at all times. The brain of our agency is our strategy unit, which hosts some of the best and brightest planners and BI experts. We offer strategic output, such as road-maps, as well as specified workshops and insight presentations catered to your company’s needs. Launching with us is just the beginning of our journey – your specified team will keep measuring, analyzing, and learning about your project in order to take your team to the next level. Contact us for more details 

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